What is Alzheimer's?

Alzheimer’s disease (AD), is the most common form of dementia...

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What is Dementia?

Dementia  is a serious loss of global cognitive ability in a previously unimpaired person, beyond wh...

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Thank you for visiting the Alzheimer’s / Dementia Rotarian Action Group...

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Our Vision and Mission

Who Are We? 

We are Rotarians and Rotaractors that  have extensive leadership experience around Alz...

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1 Comment on Time for Action: Stop the Slow Fade

Rotarian Alzheimer's CoverPlease read your April edition of Rotarian Magazine – just out.

We made the front cover with a six-page article about our Action Group, our partner Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and their role in getting our Action Group off the ground. Click the link below to read the article.

The Rotarian Magazine April 2015

Stay tuned for more information on how you can help make a difference as part of our Rotarian Action Group.

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Comments Off on A Win for Alzheimer’s!

Julianne MooreCongratulations to Julianne Moore for winning Best Actress for her role in Still Alice. Her fantastic performance has helped countless people to grasp the reality of Alzheimer’s and the desperate need for a cure. #EndALZ #RememberMe — with Julianne Moore.

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1 Comment on Remember Me

Remember MeChris Mann has recorded a song called “Remember Me” for all those who have been touched by dementia. Please give it a listen, and downloaded it if you wish. Lyrics by Rudy Tanzi. Proceeds will benefit Alzheimer’s research.  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/remember-me/id957479916?i=957479919

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still alice movie coverStill Alice is a New York Times bestselling novel by author Lisa Genova. The book follows Alice Howland, a Harvard professor who is diagnosed with young onset Alzheimer’s disease. While Alice once placed her worth and identity in her celebrated and respected academic life, now she must re-evaluate her relationship with her husband, her expectations of her children and her ideas about herself and her place in the world. Still Alice has been adapted as a major mo...

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Greg O'Brien

Greg O’Brien

Click here and read about Boston-based journalist Greg O’Brien journey with Alzheimer’s – a diagnosis he received five years ago at age 59.   Please click on the link and read this excellent story from Boston National Public Radio and their site (www.wbur.org) as it contains other helpful links that make the experience that much richer.

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Comments Off on Alzheimer’s Choir Finds Magic in Music

Alz ChoirClick on this link from Minneapolis television station KARE that shares a story (and video) about how music can change the lives of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients as they rehearse side by side with their caregivers.  Truly an inspirational story.

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Click here to view a video and article that tells a story on how Iowa is not ready when it comes to a growing aging population.

(Story courtesy of WHOtv.com).

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HelixRecent months have witnessed three remarkable developments in projects supported by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund:

  1. A team led by Research Consortium Chair Rudy Tanzi, Ph.D., has, for the first time, created “Alzheimer’s in a dish”—a combination of both amyloid and tau pathology in human nerve cells living inside a Petri dish.
  2. A team led by Stem Cell Consortium Director Sam Gandy, M.D., Ph.D., has identified a promising, first-in-class drug that stimulates the ...
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1 Comment on Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust (CART)


Here is another of our great partners.

Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust – The purpose of The CART Fund (Coins for Alzheimer’s Research Trust) is to collect and provide dollars for leading edge research for the cure/prevention of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). It started in 1996 with Rotarians voluntarily emptying their pockets and purses of change at weekly meetings...

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Here is one of our great partners in working to help those dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Click and learn more.

Rotarians Easing Problems of Dementia – Based in the United Kingdom, Rotarians Easing Problems of Dementia (REPoD) is a joint initiative between members of various Rotary Clubs who have recognized the need for increased support in the community for families affected by dementia...

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Comments Off on Breakthrough Replicates Human Brain Cells for Use in Alzheimer’s Research

Huge news from the world of Alzheimer’s Research!!!  Please click this link  and read the New York Times‘  article from today that hailed a huge win in the field of Alzheimer’s Research.


The Boston neuroscientists Doo Yeon Kim, left, and Rudolph E. Tanzi grew diseased cells in a petri dish as a way to quickly and cheaply test treatments. Credit Dominick Reuter for The New York Times

For the first time, and to the astonishment of many of their colleagues, resea...

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1 Comment on Caregiver Resources – Alzheimer’s Reading Room

Purple Love1Here is an amazing resource for those in the Rotary family that are looking for caregiver resources of all sorts.   The Alzheimer’s Reading Room has been voted #1 in Healthline’s Best Alzheimer’s Dementia Blogs of the Year. 

What makes the site so popular?   The site focuses on Alzheimer’s disease and the art of Alzheimer’s caregiving...

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